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Geo Prigent, MPE-AA, Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified, Master's Degree in Athletic Administration

8 Years Experience | Formerly a University Personal Trainer | Business Owner of GeoFIT, LLC Personal Training

Personal training  Weight loss management Lifestyle coaching

Before and Afters / Testimonials


Goals: Weightloss, Building Muscle, Cardiovascular Training

Lost 40 lbs

"Being a dad and having a busy worklife meant I had little time to take care of myself. In order to help others get fit, I knew I had to get fit myself. I developed daily habits, I prioritized my health, and I became the person I wanted to be."


Goals: Weightloss, Body Sculpting

Lost 30 lbs

"I sought out Geo in 2018 to make physical fitness and strength training a part of my life. Geo was also my running coach to help me train for my first 5K event. Geo has a great sense of humor and has the ability to connect with anyone. He has a gift to inspire people to reach their health, wellness, and fitness goals. I used to be the kid in gym class that was always picked last. Now, every once in a while I overhear someone call me, “that old fit guy”. Thanks Geo! Not for my oldness. But, for the fit part. "


Goals: Weightloss, Heart Heatlh

Lost 30 lbs


Goals: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Body Sculpting, Heart Health

Mark's activity reduced after he retired and he wanted to work on weightloss and overall strength. He enjoys his weekly runs with Geo, but his favorite activity is definitely working out on the punching bag. 


Goals: Weight Loss, Knee Injury Repair and Muscle Building, Body Sculpting, Heart Health

"After blowing my knee out while downhill skiing and experiencing extended post op complications, I wasn't sure if I would be able to experience a passionate recreation based lifestyle again. Now, thanks to training with Geo, I'm back in the mountains accessing all the  splendor of recreating in the great outdoors. Thank you, Geo! " 


Goals: Weight Loss, Strength Building, Heart Health

Shannon came in wanting to lose weight and work on overall mobility. Her overall goal was to have good enough cardio health to play 18 holes of golf. Geo helps her work on weight loss, cardio, and muscle building and can now do the activities she loves the most--like golfing!


Goals: Body sculpting, Cardio endurance

"After having my daughter, I couldn't get rid of my belly. I tried lots of cardio and changing my diet, but it wasn't going away. I am a busy mom and don't have a lot of time to work on myself, but just a few times a week with Geo ended up in the abs I was looking for.  I also have a rare health condition and Geo is able to work with me to adjust the workouts to my ability each day." 

This could be you!

This could be you!

Your first consultation and 30-minute training is free.  I will work with you to create a plan in function of your needs, limitations and goals.

Geo Prigent, MPE-AA, CPT

Geo has a Master of Physical Education in Athletic Administration, as well as an ACE Fitness Personal Training certification. He has been a university personal trainer since 2016. He has experience as a strength and conditioning intern, has a bachelor's of art in Outdoor Education, and is an experience leader in outdoor trips, exercising, and touring.

Geo grew up in France riding his road bike on the Tour de France stages, he is a local legend in his town for riding his bike to Germany at 16 years old

Geo frequently participates in Ironman triathlons, Spartan races, and local triathlons and community runs.

Geo has years of experience training individuals for weight loss, body toning, improving health and lifestyle.

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